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Black Friday on Waikiki

This Black Friday I took the kids to the beach for some early swimming. The two hour time change still has them getting up before 6am. While I enjoyed the sun and sand play Drew was off to CostCo for the Black Friday cookbook. Got to love this guy’s love for free stuff!!


Nallia makes her first Lei


Day 1 & 2

Yesterday we made the all too familiar drive south. We were super lucky to stay with Drew’s college friends. It has been great since they have 5 year old twins.
Now we are packing up to catch our plane. The kids are happily playing.


Are we there yet?

We just crossed the Golden Gate. Are the kids taking in the city views? No. They are throwing diapers at each other and laughing uncontrollably.

The fun never ends 🙂


By the end of last night Nallia was into the dressing up and going door to door but the week sure didn’t start out that way. Part of the issue with Nallia and Halloween is that she wants a costume that doesn’t have tulle. The poor girl hates tulle. She didn’t want her costume on until she figured out that you can get something when you have one on, then she toughed it up.
This year Bryson was really into Halloween. He worked for about a month to pay for a Bumblebee Transformer costume.
We did the traditional Halloween events and added the Morris PTO fundraiser to the mix. We went to the McKinleyville Shopping Center Trick-or-Treat Saturday and Boo at the Zoo on Sunday. Monday morning Bryson had a costume parade at school and Nallia and I walked with his class as they sang to Halloween songs to the neighbors of the school.
Monday night we trick-or-treat on the Arcata Plaza and then after dinner had friends meet at our house to trick-or-treat around our block.

After all that excitement, Bryson was happy to have pajama day at school today!

Join us!

Is this our last day of sun?

Today we spent some time at Moonstone Beach for a fun pirate birthday party. A friend took these cute pictures of the kids.

Soroptimist Fun Run & Walk

As many of you know I have been running a little in the past few months. Yesterday I tackled my forth 5K in the last three months. I had been seeing my time get better each race but yesterday I some how finished the Soroptimist Fun Run. I knew the course would be a hard one but really hard no idea how hard. The 3.1 miles started at the Arcata Fire Department just off the plaza, went uphill to the Arcata Community Forrest. After getting to the forest, there was an even steeper uphill on the trails through the forest, around Redwood Park and back down hill to the plaza. It was a really fun finish with all my Soroptimist friends cheering me on! BUT my legs are really sore today.

Drew, Bryson and Nallia did the two-mile walk. I am told Bryson ran almost the whole first mile then had a minor meltdown and road on the stroller. After finishing I back tracked to find them and ran with B the rest of the way.

Six River Running Club always takes pictures off the events. Yoon Kim is awesome for volunteering all of his time to take them and post them on the website.

First Days of School

We reached that day all parents look forward to and dread at the same time. Bryson has started kindergarten at Coastal Grove Charter School. So far he has enjoyed every minute and has very little complaints, one being he wants to go more. The 8:15am-3:00pm schedule has been really hard on me but it has been fun to have time with just Nallia.
Next week we really dive in with picture day, back to school night and our first PTO meeting. Oh MY!!!

Europe Days 14-19

On day 14 we took it a bit easy with a day at the pool. The public pools in Munich are wonderful and have some fun features like water playgrounds, whirlpools and slides best of all they only cost 3.50 to get in! If we had had more time and better weather I would have spent more time exploring all the public pools. I found this great website with a summary (in English!) http://www.inside-munich.com/outdoor-swimming-pool.html of all the different pools. This day we visited Dante Sommerbad.


We finished the day with a family favorite, strawberry quark for dinner. Nallia is a BIG fan!


With the forecast predicting it was going to start to rain we headed to the lake for a last bit of sun on Friday. Starnberg See is the most picturesque lake I have ever seen.  We took the train there and then walked along the sore finding a great playgound for the kids and then a dock. We just hung out at the sore for a few hours, then headed for lunch and ice cream. To finish off the day we rented a paddle boat and it seemed no matter how hard we paddled we didn’t really go very far but it was really a wonderful place to just be.


Day 16 it officially started to pour rain. Nallia and I went shopping with the girls and stopped for a coffee at a Starbucks before going in to Dalmyer (http://www.dallmayr.com/). It was a fun little shop that all my foodie friends would love with specialty sweets, deli items and coffees.


While we were off shopping Drew, Bryson and my cousins went to Kung Fu Panda 2. Nothing like going around the world to see an American movie J  For dinner we went to another Bavarian restaurant on our search for the perfect kaiserschmarn. I ended up splitting one with my sister that was made with dried plums and as you can see Drew had a giant kanoodle.


Sunday was another day of pouring rain and to top it off almost everything is closed on Sundays including the grocery stores and shops. We found a bowling ally that was open and jumped at the chance to get out of the house. It was the kids first time bowling and they really enjoyed it.  Nallia was just barley strong enough to ge the ball down and hit any pins and as always Drew beat up all with only my sister giving him any kind of a challenge.

Monday was our last full day in Munich, we had an early morning at the zoo. We saw lots of animals including a bat exhibit where the bat are free to fly around you and even land on your head! We met the rest on the family for a very late lunch and more kaiserschmarn, in an open-air café and some last minute souvenir shopping.

We spent the evening packing, eating and saying goodbyes and with 4 hours of sleep we hit the road Tuesday morning. This late in June the sun was raising before 5am as we drove our of Munich. We got into to Frankfurt early with little traffic, returned the car, checked our bags and took the train into the city to have a look around. We had our last pretzel and got some snacks for the plane. About noon we were headed back to the airport and then had a smooth flight back, all 11 hours!







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